Impossible to Empathize

It’s true

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Pain is impossible to empathize.
It looks through its own glasses.
It causes jealousy because others
Have paid less and absolutely it
Demands credit to the bearer
Who forced it to fall.
© Yelling Rosa
14/1 -18

Because there are differences of opinions about the size of pain, the sufferer doesn’t get sympathy and a winner is left without credit. Actually, it’s a miracle that I have gotten along this well with my broken memory and smashed brains. And this helps me more to know that there will be no understanding from others because they don’t know what I have gone through like I don’t know their pain. Bigger or less, make no difference, I can only row my boat with my own oars on the common lake. It’s a totally other game which I don’t take part in here. If my boat is rocked by others, there’s very little…

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2 Replies to “Impossible to Empathize”

  1. Indeed, a most interesting personal testament. However, there appears to be very little recognition of the instinctitively natural human responses of empathy and compassion. Also, maybe I have read Yellingrosa’s article incorrectly – (and if so, for this I do most sincerely apologise) – but I just can’t help feeling that there seems to be a subtle egocentric undercurrent of……. »Ooh! But my pain is more intense than yours! »

    We are all different, which constitutes the joy of being human……so consequentially, no one will ever be able to « walk-in-another-person’s-shoes » – (nor should they ever feel the need to do so, or want to) 🙂

    Incidentally……….I absolutely adore Finland, the Finnish people and their most iconic composer – Jean Sibelius 🇫🇮

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