What is the translation of « pervers narcissique » for an anglophone : narcissitic personnality disorder ?

As people worldwide continue to suffer from such deviant personnalities, I am trying to find in the english language, the exact translation for this type of deviant and dangerous behaviour.


I have found  term « pervert narcissitic », and I have also  found the term Narcissitic Personnality Disorder, but here in France I don’t think that it is just a narcisstic personnality. It is actually much more than that. It pertains to people whose personality could be described as sadistic, manipulative and predatory. Essentially, they have a need to destroy!

(Which unfortunately, has also been something which I have experienced in my own life.)

In fact, it may possibly be translated more accurately  as being that of a « narcissistic pervert ». I believe that is may be the best translation, which may possibly be not a very frequently encountered term in the English language. Maybe this may be because the term « narcissistic pervert » is not used in the DSM – (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders)?

The Narcissitic personnality is something quite different here in France.

When we talk about a sexual pervert – (not in the manner that it may be encountered in everyday language, but rather the language of psychology) – it could be used to describe people who exhibit signs of sexually deviant behaviour – (or something similar.) This behaviour stems from an innate desire to hurt and destroy. Therefore, one could reason, that this behaviour could also be described as sadist.
Well……….. perversion, without the sexual component…….is sadistic.
When one refers to the dictionnary definition for the word « pervert » – (in the french language, just like that in english language) – one will notice that this definition is not necessarily only a sexual problem: http://www.answers.com/topic/pervert
The everyday spoken french language also thinks that this term  defines a sexual problem. But it is not!………. and quite separate from that of one only pertaining to sexual behaviour…..

Here is an english blog about this destructive psychological disorder. It is based upon that of my own blog, and derived from my own personal life experience, and that of my own will to rebuild myself after having been nearly destroyed by such a deviant personnality. In addition, I have added a translation button to my blog so that if you are an english speaker, you will be able to access my blog more easily – (especially if you feel conncerned that your life may have also been affected in someway, by a relationship that you may have had with another person with this psychological disorder.)


When you live with someone who is a narcissist, one almost has the sense that one is  blind, and unfortunately, suffering as well. Therefore,  I would like to offer assistance to empower you to take the right path………

« Come to the rainbow with me. »

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Feel free to read my life experience, translate the text with the blue button on the right, this could help and save you time….

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